Family Offices & Institutions

Investment Committee for
Ultra-Wealthy Family

Pain Point
A family liquidated their 50-year-old closely held business, resulting in a $1.5+ billion liquidity event for the family. The family needed strategic, objective advice on whether to form a family office or an investment committee. Its goals in working with an advisor included oversight of the allocation of the family’s assets, manager due diligence, and coordination and interaction with their investment service providers.

After evaluating the family’s two options, Mack & Co. recommended and then implemented an investment committee. We then were retained to provide governance, evaluate the investment policy and asset allocation, provide due diligence services, and assist in making direct investments and sourcing best-in-class managers.

Mack & Co.‘s best-in-class investment committee included members of several family offices, enabling peer-to-peer sharing of investment ideas and solutions. We improved the overall performance of the family’s investments, and continue to serve as a member of the investment committee and act as an advisor to the family.